Beautiful skin requires commitment, not miracle and committing to black peel is no less of a miracle for vanishing those acnes.

Black peel is a relatively new type of chemical peel which is also safer than other peels. Black peel has active ingredients such as black vinegar, black Acetic acid, salicylic acid, Jasmonic acid, and potassium iode. A few people also call it acne check peel, as a matter of fact, it is so effective in getting rid of the acnes that it is deemed as a non-surgical therapy for relinquishing the acnes.

However, the magic of the black peel isn’t fettered to just removing acnes, it gives a flawlessly smooth skin as well.

Delineating A Few Of The Wonders It Performs:

  • Reduce excess oiliness: Oily skin is the main reason for acne. By controlling excess production of oil, black peel prevents further acne.
  •   Fight acne: Our leading dermatologist, Dr Kriti Jain says black peel fights all types of acne. The unique ingredients of black peel check the growth of acne in the early stages. She also says it helps even the toughest acne.
  •   Fight scars
  •   Fight pigmentation: Acne can cause pigmentation and black peel helps you fight that.
  •   Whitens your complexion
  •   Fights wrinkles

Treating acne is a multi-step process. It involves addressing the acne present, preventing severe breakouts, clearing the pigmentation already caused, and also preventing further acne. Black peel can be considered as a unique non-surgical therapy that addresses all these parameters effectively and in addition gives the affect of whitening as well as the anti-wrinkling on skin!