BTX – Not just a fad, but actual anti-aging solutions

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In this age of social media, everyone is spending so much time scouting pictures and photos of friends, assessing their own pics to post, that interest in looking good and young has increased more than ever.

Looking beautiful and ageless has always been everybody’s top priority but today with growing awareness and social media interaction, it has become more than just a fad and BTX have been topping the list of easy solutions. And why not? With easy availability and affordability, these are no longer the copyright of only celebrities. Instead, with so many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian, Courteney Cox, Karan Johar admitting to using them openly, these have gained more acceptance from the general people.
But before you decide to go ahead and use them, here is everything you need to know before taking the leap:

Addressing signs of ageing simply and effectively

BTX are the new anti-aging techniques that can help you retain your youth, a great way to say no to wrinkles and fine lines. BTX earlier known to crease out wrinkles has now been shown to also improve skin elasticity as long as it is active that is about 4 months. So, while the effect of BTX lasts, you can enjoy great looks and youthful skin.
Fillers are injectable dermal treatment that is used to improve the symptoms of aging and restore the contours of the face. Focusing on areas such as cheeks, lips and surrounding the mouth, Fillers add volume below the skin surface and fill out fine lines and wrinkles addressing the decrease in skin elasticity with age.

Involves Simple Medical Procedure that need not be feared

BTX are injected at the right spot using very fine needles. Apart from the prick and minor discomfort, the procedure is simple and if done by expert practitioners, there are minimal chances of side effects. Skilled professionals ensure subtle results, so that one never looks overdone or gets a frozen expression.

Indications for taking the effective leap

BTX is an active drug used to block the action of certain nerves.
Medically, it is used to treat:

  • Excessive sweating
  • Migraines
  • Squint in the eyes
  • Hyperactive muscles of the bladder.
  • Hemi Facial Spasms
  • Writers Cramps
  • Spasticity after paralysis

However, its cosmetic use in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles has gained much popularity.
BTX treatment can be taken to:

  • Reduce Forehead lines.
  • Reduce Frown lines or vertical creases between the brows,
  • Reduce Crow’s feet and Smoker’s lines that develop around the mouth.

Fillers include several products that add volume to the skin tissues and include hyaluronic acid fillers that are most common, collagen stimulating fillers and permanent fillers. These come in several types, consistencies and forms for use in different regions with technology improving greatly over time. Fillers can help in treatment of sagging of face, nose to mouth lines, chin augmentation and enhancement of shape and volume of the lips. Fillers can also be used to treat the loss of volume in the hands.
Effects of BTX can last for 3-4 months or may be up to 6 months varying from individual to individual. Results of Fillers last nearly 18 months but may be reversed before that.
One can start BTX at the age when wrinkles appear, may be around 30s. These days, however, preventive use of BTX is also becoming popular with youngsters choosing to start early and prevent the formation of age lines and wrinkles.

Any Side effects that one must know

BTX treatment is generally very safe but they are Contraindicated during pregnancy, myasthenia gravis and some neurological conditions.
Side effects are almost rare except risk of minor bruising or tenderness at the site of injection.
Sometimes, people get headaches on the first day and very rarely some have difficulty in swallowing or flu like symptoms.
Fillers need to be avoided during pregnancy, local infections and any previous reactions or known allergy to any ingredient contained in the filler. Like BTX, Fillers too have rare side effects like bruising or swelling on the site. Rarely there may be vascular blockage if injected into a blood vessel, nerve damage, infection or allergic reaction. However, all of these are rare.
BTX are a great way to ward off the signs of aging that usually cannot be treated by simple creams. However, these are medical procedures that must be done only by qualified dermatologists to get the best results and avoid any complications.

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