Carbon peel is extremely popular among celebrities so much so that it is also known as Hollywood peel. The results this peel delivers is absolutely enthralling, making you carpet ready in the fastest time possible. Apart from Hollywood peel, it is also known as carbon-q facial, or carbon laser facial. It is a revolutionary treatment that focuses on giving you glowing skin that is free of any impurities and we at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic have a team of the best skin specialists who know the best technique to deliver optimum results to you.

This peel is designed on the ability of carbon which pulls out oil, dead skin cells, and impurities deep within the pores.


  •   Remove Blackheads and whiteheads
  •   Remove Acne
  •   Fights Bigger dilated pores
  •   Fights Dull skin
  •   Fights Wrinkles and fine lines
  •   Fights Oily skin


After cleaning your face with a mild cleanser, we apply the liquid layer of carbon as a face pack. The carbon particles absorb excess oil and other contaminants as mentioned before. We allow it to dry for 15 minutes and then we pass the laser over it. The laser targets only carbon particles and the components that it has absorbed and destroys them.

After the carbon peel, you find that your face is exfoliated and thus feeling fresh, smoother, softer, and glowing.

Besides, carbon peel stimulates the production of collagen and a new skin layer via mild heat. This, in turn, helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Thus, you get a firm and plumpy skin.

Carbon peel also destroys bacteria causing acne in addition to making sure that the sebaceous glands produce lesser oil.

Though carbon peel gives you such fabulous results, it is painless and comfortable. At Kiara Lifestyle Clinic, we use the latest technology such as Nano laser which is a type of q switch laser. Thanks to its state of art technology which makes it safe for all skin types.