A facial laser toning is an impeccable choice to get a smooth and radiant face. The laser toning evens out the colour of the face leading to less pigmented and a more uniformed skin. Be it due to melasma, sun damage, tanning or any other reason, facial laser toning has proved to be highly beneficial in all the cases. It not only can eradicate the most stubborn pigment marks but regular treatment could also lead to increased production of collagen, which further helps in fighting signs of aging.

The facial laser toning is highly advanced and requires expert surgeon to perform it, we at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic have a team of the best dermatologists and surgeons in Delhi, Indirapuram who are known to deliver precise and impeccable results. With this treatment being exceedingly espoused by surgeons and dermatologists for all the right reasons, it delivers precise results without any side effects or long term dependency on steroids, bleaching agents or any drugs.

The Procedure:

  1. Laser toning uses non ablative laser and hence is quite gentle on the skin, it works by heating the focused tissues without actually sabotaging it. After the laser, the body amalgamates with the new released pigments and eradicates them from the system.
  2. The skin may feel slightly warm to touch during the procedure and the face may experience some warmth and stinging feeling.
  3. One can return to exercising and other activities immediately after.
  4. Usually 5-6 sessions are required to reach the best results.