The trauma of suffering from hair loss/baldness in females is understood as it is related to their looks and appearance and can cause tremendous trepidation. Hair loss in women is extremely common and mainly it is associated with the genetic reason of Androgenic alopecia. However, one doesn’t have to bear the unnecessary embarrassment and agony of hair loss as we at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic provide optimum results with the latest technology which is absolutely safe.

Causes of hair loss in Female

Causes of hair loss in females is ostensibly due to the hereditary characteristic known as the Androgenetic alopecia. The hair thinning as the person grows older or due to some hormonal disturbance, includes the Thyroid disorder, chemotherapy or other factors such as pregnancy, iron deficiency, stress, weight loss, menopause, etc., falls under certain cases that seek medical care to some extent. However, if the cases turn inevitably unbearable situation, then we at Kiara suggest the procedure of hair transplant by a team of the best hair surgeons in Delhi, Laxmi Nagar.


The procedure of hair transplant involves taking hair follicles from the donor area, usually from the back and sides of the head and transplanting or grafting the same to the recipient area, according to the particular hairline on the top to give a natural looking finesse.

Extraction or harvesting from the donor area can be proceeded by either of the two techniques, i.e., the FUT hair transplant or strip harvesting, where a strip of hair from the safe donor part of the scalp is eradicated and then stitched closed with advanced Trichophytic closure. Whereas, in the case of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant, each individual follicular unit are extracted from different parts. Both the techniques require precision and a surgeon  chooses the technique after analysing your baldness pattern.

We at Kiara have a team of the best surgeons in Laxmi Nagar, who have ample experience in dealing with the most complicated cases. Our success rate is unmatched. Our team will guide you on every step, discuss and communicate with you to erase any apprehension you may have. Our team at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic will keep on guiding you to make the results last longest.