Feminine health treatment widely known for V-corrective treatments are the procedures that are primarily done to solve cosmetic issues like V-tightness and urinary incontinence. Especially in modern times, the demand for feminine health treatment is rising as women are recording greater attention than ever. Furthermore, energy-based treatments provide such an option.

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Heading ahead, here’s the anatomy of the V which is essential to understand the feminine health treatment procedures.

      • Mons: The hair-bearing area over the upper portion of the private area.
      • Labium majus / labia majora: The hair-bearing outer lips of the private area.
      • Labium minus/ labia minora: The inner lips of the private area.
      • Clitoral hood: The upper portion in the center of the private area. It covers the clitoris partially or completely. Below the clitoris is the urethral opening, and further down is the private area opening.

In general terms, energy-based treatments are yet another name for non-surgical procedures that uses heat. The procedure involves a device that majorly focuses on the energy, heating the tissue simultaneously. It’s been long that energy-based devices had been in practice for various skin treatments. More recently, for feminine health treatment.

As per Dr. Kriti Jain’s expertise, the goal through feminine health treatment is of enhancing the collagen, tightness, blood vessels, and lubrication. In a professional term, two types of feminine health treatment exist that uses heat commonly. Through the device, it uses the energy for heating the upper layers of the tissue. Once it’s heated, the beneath-lying layers of tissue generates extra collagen, aiding to help the area.

Usually, it’s an out-patient kind of procedure where it’s not required for them to stay in the hospital for long. Rather, they can continue with their daily activities without requiring any time for recovery. Though the treatment procedure might feel like irritation along with the warmth feeling during the procedure.

Some of the conditions for which intimate rejuvenation or feminine health treatment might be required are:

      • Loosening of the private part
      • Stress urinary incontinence
      • Lack of lubrication

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