A filler treatment is basically a cosmetology procedure that is utilized to reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles and to bring back the radiant and youthful look.  With young women also exceedingly opting for it, fillers has become one of the most liked treatment to have a dreamy skin. It is the best option for the ones who want to discard the signs of ageing but are not eager to endure invasive treatments like a traditional facelift.

At Kiara Lifestyle Clinic, our team of the best dermatologists in Delhi & Chandni Chowk, work by filling up the surface of the face that are prone to minimal fullness or volume.


  1. We employ a dermal filler that works by pulling or raIsing up the specific areas of the face.
  2. This method is mostly used in the areas that break down to languish skin which tends to create a hollowed look.
  3. The procedure completely works on the kind of fillers being used.
  4. Our experienced dermatologist, Dr. Kriti Jain, injects the filler in the area which requires tightening or a certain amount of volume.


The several benefits achieved from fillers are as Follows:

  • The dermal filler method hardly takes 30 minutes, so one has access to have their face plumped during the lunch hours and return to the procedure right after that.
  • The fillers are injected into the surface that requires a little plumping and once it is done, you can see the results instantly.
  • The fillers have a neutral looking outcome, which means that it will not alter the facial expression of the patient.
  • The fillers are designed from hyaluronic acid which forms naturally within our body. As the acid is moisturizing, it is great for the people who want to achieve a youthful facial look without having a permanent surgery.