FUE Vs FUT, Know all about Hair transplant

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Hair transplant procedures have become most common nowadays, this procedure was there earlier also but now everyone is familiar and accepting the hair transplant treatment as normal. Our Hair Transplant Surgeons at Kiara Clinic are experts in treating hair loss in men and as well as women. Our services not only revolve around scalp hair restoration, we provide mustache, beard, eyebrows hair restorations. Dr Kriti Jain is an experienced and renowned hair transplant surgeon who has wide expertise in treating male & female pattern baldness using invasive & non-invasive hair restoration treatments.

At Kiara Clinic, East Delhi, we have treated patients suffering from mild to severe hair loss. The reasons that you are losing hair could be due to many reasons such as medications, anxiety, changes in hormones etc. Hair loss problems can be seen in anyone either men, women or even in children it is common.

Techniques used in hair transplant surgery:

This question comes in everyone’s mind when they explore or research hair transplant. What would be the best hair transplantation techniques or methods in the different clinics?  Which one is best? Which has more efficiency? What is the cost of FUE/ FUT?

Understand, Hair Transplantation Treatment should be done under the supervision of an expert surgeon. So, don’t get attracted by the price of the treatment, always choose the surgeon.

There are two types of Hair Restoration Methods being used at Kiara Clinic by Dr. Kriti Jain, depending upon the requirement and the condition of the patient doctor suggests the treatment.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Method:

FUE Hair Transplant is the latest technique. This surgery is  chosen  by most of the doctors. This process of removing hair grafts from the donor area then implanted on the bald area by employing a stereomicroscope.

This technique is minimally invasive, leaving just little incision marks that heal over time and are eventually hidden by your new hair. The discomfort is less, quick recovery with minimal scarring.

In this method, the grafts are taken from the donor area and implanted in channels around 0.7/0.8mm with no cuttings or a skin band. While the 1-4hair units are placed at the highest of your head. This will give you natural-looking hair.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Method:

A linear strip of scalp is extracted from the donor area during FUT. FUT causes a long linear scar in the donor area, unlike FUE. However, because the scar will be covered by the existing skin, it will be barely detectable. It gives fuller & natural looking results.

Are you still confused? Or have any questions? Just ask Dr. Kriti Jain, one of the best doctors in East Delhi. Get an appointment and have all the query sorted.

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