Hydrated Face Speaks The Language Of Magic.

Hydra Peel is Kiara’s latest skin renewal treatment. If you’re wanting to eradicate visible signs of ageing, rediscover a radiant and glowing complexion, brighten your skin naturally and reduce the appearance of the unappealing dark spots on the skin – this is the treatment for you!

We at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic can say that this is definitely a very real alternative to cosmetic surgery.

Skin is thoroughly exfoliated at Kiara by professionals. The peeling action targets Dark spots and pigmentation.

Hydra Massage works to refurbish your skin cells and also restore the natural PH balance of your skin.

Enjoy a relaxing Hydra mask which soothes your skin and accentuates your natural beauty.

What To Expect:

After a single Hydra Peel treatment, studies revealed that an incredible 100% of women felt their skin was more even-toned, radiant, luminous, softer and also smoother!

After 2 treatments 80% of women felt, their dark spots had plummeted and that their face was much more younger looking.

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