Irritation from face masks?

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While wearing face masks every time you step out is the “new normal”, getting used to donning them can be quite vexatious. From feeling suffocated or short of breath to increase in infections on the face due to wearing the heavy masks out in the sun, there are gargantuan of reasons to convince you to relinquish the masks. We at Kiara, one of the best dermatology centres in India completely understand how excruciating wearing a mask for hours can get however, it is essential for your safety and the safety of your loved ones that we espouse the face masks as the new normal and wear it responsibly. Keeping that in mind, we have penned down this article filled with knowledge of the best dermatologist in India, Dr. Kriti Jain to address the issues that face masks can render to and provide you with some effective solutions.

There are 2 challenging skin issues that wearing a face mask for extended period of time may lead to:

1. The skin under the mask tends to get very humid, which further invites the blooming of skin organisms such as Pityrosporum yeast which plays an integral role in seborrheic dermatitis, causing scaley patches on the face, fungal infection, fungal acne and rosacea. These skin problems may appear to be like skin irritation but the solution is a lot more precise.

2. The material of the mask can be irritating causing inflaming irritation or an irritant dermatitis.

We suggest that you use a cotton mask to keep yourself safe if you are showing no symptoms of the virus as inner layer of cotton flannel would be very soft and non-irritating to sensitive skin. This mask will keep you safe of the cold and flu virus for years while also saving your skin. However, if you still experience the redness and patchiness triggered due to wearing the face masks, the skin experts at Kiara, best dermatology centre of Delhi have a few tips:

1. Use a calming zinc soap to fight the fungal growth like CANDID.
2. Using chilled green-tea can help ease the pain and inflaming feeling.
3. Don’t forget to moisturize, moisturize your face with a cream.
4. If you can see some patterns forming on your face along with small bumps, invest in anti-fungal creams available over the counter.
5. Investing in a silicone barrier cream can help profusely as they help moisturize the skin further.
6. Wash your face with water every time you come home and remove your mask.
7. If the mask seems to suffocate, go in a private space to remove your mask for 2 minutes or so and then don it on.

If you continue to face issues related to skin due to wearing face mask, consult a competent dermatologist as they will be able to prescribe the right treatment after meticulously analysing your skin. You can also a book a session with us at Kiara as our skin experts and team of the best dermatologists in India have successfully solved some complicated cases as well. We truly hope these tips were helpful!

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