Labial Whitening Is Gaining Increased Popularity!

Labial whitening whitens the skin around the genitals. Gynaecologistsdermatologists, or plastic surgeons are the experts who can help you with these procedures.

We at Kiara Clinic are equipped with the new age technologies to solve all the modern-day skin and hair centric problems. Our professional dermatologist, Dr. Kriti Jain is a highly-skilled healthcare expert, available for our patient’s superior monitoring, diagnosing, and treating the illness accordingly.

Pregnancy, hormonal changes, aging, sun exposure, and infections can cause hyperpigmentation/ darkening anywhere in the body including around genitals. Many women especially models and actors find it embarrassing as they don’t feel confident in certain types of clothes such as bikinis. The skin around the genitals could get several shades darker than the body. Labial whitening can reduce embarrassment, anxiety, and boost confidence levels.

Labial Whitening Procedure:

Several products and devices can help in reducing hyperpigmentation. Vulva stands for the external female sex organs. It includes almost all the v-structures that you can see from mons to the v-opening.

However, v-whitening with laser is the quickest and the safest! Here the specialist runs the special laser over the vulva and clears the top melanin (dark pigment) cells. In the end, what you see is a fresh layer of cells, which is brighter. Depending on the hyperpigmentation/ darkness of the skin, you might need a few sessions for the desired results.

The doctor might ask you to apply some lotions for better results. There would be a follow-up for the desired results.

Advantages of laser labial whitening:

  • Completely painless
  • Suitable for those who have an allergy to the labial whitening lotions
  • Needs no surgery
  • Simple treatment
  • Quick and easy
  • No downtime

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