Certain scars can not only be unsightly and disfiguring but can also be a reminder etched on us of an appalling incident and it’s obvious if one might want to get rid of it. We at Kiara lifestyle clinic have a team of the best skin specialists and surgeons in Delhi, Shahdara who treat the problem with extra caution to get the best results.

Our team of the best dermatologists and surgeons in Delhi, Shahdara at Kiara lifestyle clinic are expert in laser scar reduction. We use laser to minimize the appearance of the scar and diminish the pain or itching the scar causes. From acne scars, surgical scars or scars caused after an injury anywhere on the body even face, we at Kiara ensure to give you satisfactory results with the right treatment after evaluation.

The formation of scar is a natural response of the body to an injury. Scars are not dangerous and need not be removed for medical reasons. However, if they are painful or affect a person psychologically, a range of scientific techniques can ebb their appearance and discomfort. Laser treatment penetrates the necessary layers of skin to amplify new and healthy skin growth. The laser eradicates older and damaged layers of skin so that new and healthy skin can grow in its place.

Laser Treatment Can Effectively Help The Scar:

1. By decreasing discomfort in terms of itchiness or pain
2. Reducing the size and appearance
3. Improving the texture of skin in the place of scar as well as the skin around it.

We choose the right laser from variety of lasers with different wavelengths to give the maximum and best affect for your skin. As certain skin lasers could be unsuitable for certain skin tones, we thoroughly evaluate a scar and skin type before recommending the treatment. We have the most advanced laser machines to deliver the optimum results.