Laser beard shaping treatment is a new beautification treatment for men. It not only helps men manage the beard better but helps attain a clean and well-groomed look as well. In particular, the services come handy during times such as weddings. At times, the treatment helps reduce the coarser hair from the beard. The resulting beard has more defined lines. There are cases when men want lesser hair to grow in some parts of the face and more to grow in others. This makes it easier to maintain a beard. We at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic help men with laser beard sculpting such that they get the desired look. The treatment is conducted by our expert dermatologist, Dr. Kriti Jain. There are cases wherein hair is removed only from the neck. At times, specific lines are created for the upper part of the beard. On occasions, men undergo the treatment such that growing a goatee is simplified.

Key Benefits:

  • Well-groomed look for weddings
  • Styling the beard in the desired way is easier
  • A polished look helps overcome the social embarrassment
  • Shaving becomes easier
  • Problems such as ingrown hair or razor burns are overcome

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