Don’t Just Reduce Fat, Get Completely Rid Of It!

Even if you exercise regularly and eat well, there may be some areas where you notice the fat is too stubborn to leave. The presence of this fat may bring inhibitions to a lot of people impeding many fun moments in their life, not going to the beach.

We at Kiara lifestyle clinic, understand how some people can be apprehensive regarding their bodies. With our expert team of the best dermatologists and surgeons in Delhi, Anand Vihar help you achieve the smooth and fit body you want through the most advanced techniques and technologies.

Body contouring is a procedure that is gaining more and more popularity for all the right reasons, it not only helps in smoothening of cellulite, it also tightens lax skin post weight reduction. There are different techniques of pursuing the body contouring like laser assisted liposuction or non-invasive fat reduction. Our team at Kiara, evaluate and examine you carefully and suggests the best method for you.

Laser contouring uses low energy laser which aims at the fat cells under the skin. The laser renders heat to these fat cells causing them to break down. Once they break down, the body can easily eliminate them. Body contouring is the most commendable and fast way of reducing the stubborn fat.

A Brief Of The Procedure:

1. This procedure doesn’t require anaesthesia
2. The procedure ostensibly takes 25 mins to 1 hour
3. It may take 3-4 sessions to completely eradicate the fat depending upon the target area
4. The complete effect is witnessed 12-16 weeks after the procedure as the body takes that much time to eradicate the fat cells.
5. Redness, swelling or tenderness is the treated area may be witnessed and is normal.