Melasma and Freckles are caused due to exposure to sun. Whereas melasma is a disorder of hyperpigmentation, more common in women, freckles are small, circular, poorly distributed little brown macules present in fair-complexioned skin.

For cosmetic skin treatments, the Q-switched laser is an advanced technology. It is a preferable treatment for tattoos, undesirable brown spots, and sun freckles. The procedure involves the release of pigment in the skin, through laser energy pulses. This pigment can be naturally reabsorbed by the skin with ease. It can also be comfortably disposed of by the body. We at Kiara Clinic with our team of the best dermatologists in Delhi, Chandni Chowk, specialize in Q-switched laser treatment for freckles and melasma. The procedure is conducted by our expert dermatologist, Dr. Kriti Jain. The results following the treatment are in line with the expectations. We make sufficient arrangements for cooling during the procedure. This is a must for controlling the warmth of laser dots over the skin. At Kiara clinic, we take utmost care during the procedure and post-procedure, to ensure that the treatment delivers its best outcomes.

Key Benefits:

  • 75 – 100% effectiveness following the first sitting.
  • Safe treatment with no side effects
  • No downtime before recovery. The patient is instantly ready to go
  • Anaesthesia is occasionally used for the procedures to ensure that the patient experiences no discomfort
  • A patient has a skin free from melasma and freckles following the procedure

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