There are many reasons why one might want to get rid of moles: unattractive appearance, to ebb the discomfort,  especially when the mole is regularly injured such as while shaving, or if it becomes an impediment in regular activities, when it is rubbed or pressed by clothes. Moles should be removed surgically due to much more serious reasons, i.e. if the mole proposes as a risk of melanoma. At the Kiara Lifestyle Clinic, we take special care to ensure you get the best results. We also follow it up for long-lasting results and a happy you!

The Procedure:

Ostensibly, local anesthesia is applied before removal of a mole. The laser ray is focused to the cells that lead to form the mole. Those cells grasp the ray, and thus the mole fumes away from the skin surface, while the other part of the skin remains unbothered. After the procedure is completed, the doctor at Kiara will explain how the skin should be taken care of.


  • The main benefit of laser removal of mole is that it is non-invasive. Because there is no burning or cutting of the skin involved, the risk of infection is plummeted.
  • Lasers can reach those areas of the body such as the face or nose that may be very difficult to treat using other methods.
  • Lastly, multiple moles can be treated during one session.
  • You get results instantly.