Radiant skin is always in and in the pursuit of it, we at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic, do skin rejuvenation with the most advanced technology.
Our team of the best dermatologists in Delhi, Laxmi Nagar have delineated simply the method and benefits of laser for rejuvenation.

The procedure of rejuvenation involves laser to improve the appearance of the skin. From scars of injuries or acnes to chickenpox spots or skin damage from the sun, the laser for rejuvenation can treat all the minor flaws impeccably. It also helps in curtailing fine lines appeared on the face.

The Procedure:

  1. The procedure ostensibly takes 30 minutes to 2 hours depending upon some factors like type of surgery, the area being treated etc.
  2. The procedure involves two types of laser – ablative laser and non-ablative laser. A tremendous beam of laser is directed at the skin of the patient, which eradicates the outer layer of skin known as epidermis while simultaneously heating the inner layer known as dermis.
  3.  Involves slight sedation of local anaesthesia.

Precautions After Surgery:

We at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic understand that our role is unfettered to just performing the surgery, our team of the best skin specialists in Delhi, Laxmi Nagar ensure that you receive maximum and long-term benefits. In order to achieve that, we brief you on every little thing that can be advantageous for you. Whereas, the expert surgeon treating you will delineate everything personally, here are a few tips to be followed:

  1. Avoid exposure to Sun.
  2.  Post laser rejuvenation, the treated skin could be itchy, raw and swollen.
  3. Clean the treated area regularly with water and apply prescribed protective ointments.
  4. Exercises or other activities which require strength can be resumed after 1 week.


We at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic are known for the best results, the effects usually last for years seeming perennial. It is progressive and natural looking than dramatic.