A study revealed that 25% of the people with tattoos regret getting it done. If you belong to the 25% and want to get rid of it, our team of the best dermatologists and surgeons in Delhi, Laxmi Nagar at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic, can help you with it. Laser tattoo removal can help eradicated your unwanted tattoos effectively with minimal/no side effects.

Lasers eradicate the unwanted tattoos by breaking up the pigmentation of the colours used with highly intense light beams. Black tattoo is the easiest to be treated as it gets absorbed by all wavelengths.


Technique of removing the tattoo and the number to treatments required depends upon several factors like:

  1.  Your age
  2. Your skin type
  3.  Colour of the tattoo
  4. Your complexion
  5. How deep the tattoo pigment isWe at Kiara lifestyle Clinic have a team of highly qualified and best dermatologists in Delhi, Laxmi Nagar who will first analyse your skin’s reaction to the laser and determine the most effective one for you. the laser then passes pulses of profound light through the top layers of your skin which get absorbed by the tattoo pigment. It takes a few visits to completely get rid of the tattoo however at every sitting, you will see the tattoo fade visibly.

Suggestions For After Laser Tattoo Removal:

We at Kiara believe in talking and explaining everything patiently and profoundly to the customers and the surgeon treating you will explain it all in depth, however in a nutshell, a few precautions that need to be taken are as follows:

1. Immediately, after the treatment use an ice pack on the treated area.
2. Apply anti-biotic cream or ointment to the area
3. Use a bandage to protect it
4. Ensure you use a sunblock when going outside.

We are known to deliver optimum results with advanced technologies and minimum/no side effects.