Bid adieu to the unwanted cuts from shaving, red bumps and pain of waxing and embrace the irrefutably best option for removing hair, laser hair reduction. It is the most used cosmetic treatment in India and the results speak for itself. We at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic are experts in laser hair reduction and our team of best dermatologists and surgeons perform these procedures with extreme caution to deliver the best and most perennial results.

In the laser hair reduction procedure, high intensified light is beamed into follicles for the pigment in the follicles of hair to absorb it which further leads to destroying of the hair.


  1.  Lasers can specifically target the hair leaving the skin surrounding it undamaged.
  2. Each vibration of the laser doesn’t take even a second and caters to many hair at one time. Smaller areas like upper lips may take less than a minute whereas other areas like legs or arms may take an hour.
  3. It can render to permanent hair loss after 3-7 sessions.


1. Avoid going for a waxing session 6 weeks before treatment.
2. Exposure to sun may lead to complications and may reduce of effect of the treatment, hence it’s advisable to avoid exposure to sun for a considerable time before and after the treatment.