Fractional CO2 laser treatment is the most effective alternative for deeper scars. Even while the turnaround times for the treatment are more towards the higher side, the results are more desirable as well. Pixelated CO2 lasers are the latest innovation in technology. They help treat the scars that are difficult to treat with any other procedure. We at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic are dedicated to ensuring that the people undergoing the treatment get the finest and safest results from fractional CO2 laser treatment. Our expert dermatologist, Dr. Kriti Jain performs the procedures skilfully, such that they are poised to succeed and deliver the finest outcomes for the patients. The procedure involves creating tiny dots over the skin. They are surrounded by normal tissue. Following the treatment, the skin generates new collagen and continues to gain a firmer and a youthful appearance for 1-3 months. Scars, acne and stretch marks become less visible following each session.

Laser Scar Reduction Treatment Is:

  • A non-surgical acne scar reduction treatment
  • Pixilated technology ensures quicker healing for the skin
  • Ideal for deep wrinkles
  • Counters severe textural changes anywhere on the skin
  • Helps counter sun damage

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