If acne, aging, or a lot of exposure in the sun has left your face with scars, blotches, wrinkles, or fine-lines, laser- skin resurfacing will definitely help your skin look healthier and younger.

Laser skin resurfacing removes skin, layer by layer with absolute precision. The new skin cells that occur during healing give the skin a younger and tighter looking surface. The procedure can be performed alone or with a combination of other cosmetic surgeries on the face.

What To Expect:

Laser resurfacing is done by our team of the best surgeon or dermatologist. It is an outpatient procedure.

The dermatologist at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic could treat wrinkles around your mouth, eyes, or forehead individually or treat your entire face. For small parts, the doctor will numb the areas to be treated with a local anesthetic and may also sedate you. You may need general anesthesia, if your whole face is being treated.

While treating just some parts of the face takes about 30-45 minutes. A full-face treatment could take up to two hours.

Afte the laser procedure, the doctor will bandage the treated areas. After 24 hours, you will need to clean the treated areas 4-5 times a day and then apply an ointment to prevent scabs from forming.

Swelling after laser skin resurfacing is usually normal. Our team of the best dermatologists in Delhi, Shahdara would brief you on every step and help it last longest, they may prescribe steroids to quell swelling around your eyes. Sleeping on an extra pillow at night could definitely also ease swelling.