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Who is smitten by rough and edgy hair on one’s body? These unwanted hair might just be another storehouse of bacteria growing on one’s own skin and are not just unpleasant to look at but also filthy and unsanitary. And that’s not all. What’s also not pleasurable is getting cuts and bruises, irritation and quick regrowth while attempting to remove the unwanted hair growing on one’s body.

Everyone wants to have soft, smooth, fresh and velvety skin just like a baby’s. There are an abundance of options out there to escape the clutches of undesirable hair, but nothing works better than a Laser treatment.

Say yes to Laser hair removal treatment, today…

Stop hiding, start rejoicing: Laser hair removal treatment has more than one benefit. It not just helps in acquiring smooth and buttery skin, but it does so in addition to permanent hair reduction. We’ve all been there, staring into the mirror, looking at our facial hair that stands in our way of the impromptu plan our friends just made. Laser hair removal is the solution that one needs. It claims to reduce the amount of hair that grows back and delay hair growth for longer periods in order to gradually see permanent results. However, for best results it requires treatment every 4 to 6 weeks.

Say goodbye to strawberry legs:The problem of ingrown hair that accompanies any kind of hair removal technique is not a subject of concern when it comes to laser hair removal treatment. Having strawberry legs is not the most attractive thing in the world and is a consequence of using a razor or wax that cuts off the hair unevenly. For a stubble free look laser therapy is used, to permanently discard the appearance of ingrown hair by changing the texture of the hair and encouraging it to grow scantier and less dense.

Pain and discomfort? No longer in your dictionary! :Laser hair removal is the most painless hair removal method there is. However, it depends from person to person and their threshold of pain. It feels like a gentle pinch which is far less than the pain experienced during waxing. The discomfort experienced is at an all-time low since the laser only targets pigmented areas like the hair follicle and not the surrounding skin. The procedure is as fast as a speeding bullet which aims to target a large surface area in its entirety.

Before taking the plunge:

Laser hair removal treatment can be used for all areas except the eyelid. The light of the laser is used to damage the hair follicle/ hair bulb and not the surrounding skin.

Before one leaps into the breach, there are certain things one must know:

Shave/trim the area where you want the laser treatment or the burnt hair might cause major skin damage.
The heat from the laser affects the skin which is why it’s important to keep the skin cool and avoid the gym or any activity that could cause sweating.
Exposure to the sun must be avoided before the treatment and also after it.

Does it come at a price?

Although it works on all skin tones, laser hair treatment on people with darker skin tones might be an issue since both the hair colour and skin colour is dark making it difficult to draw the hair to the laser. It is therefore less effective for hair colours that don’t absorb light well.

Short term problems like skin irritation, redness, darkening/lightening of the affected area and swelling are common, but they disappear within hours.

It also takes a couple of weeks before seeing visible results. For best results, 8-12 sessions are required. Patience is the key but it’ll unquestionably be worth the while. However, the whole process might put a strain on the pocket since it’s not inexpensive and it also requires multiple sessions before seeing actual results.

Simply put, if the treatment is not too pricey for you, this is the hair removal technique you should be opting for since it reduces the growth of the hair and promises to deliver smooth and buttery skin with no signs of ingrown hair in return. However, consult your dermatologist for optimum results.

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