Skin discoloration is one of the commonest concerns, and melanostop peel is known to treat the toughest of pigmentation, melasma and discolouration. Our team of the best skin specialists in Delhi & Noida at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic have curated a list of a few benefits of using the peel:

  •   Lightens your skin
  •   Rejuvenates
  •   Treats dark skin conditions such as melasma and hyperpigmentation

Melasma is a condition wherein there is a brownish pigmentation of the skin. Also, the pigmentation is symmetrical and blotchy.

Melanostop peel has ingredients such as azelaic acid, resorcinol, and phytic acid. This unique combination of ingredients penetrates the skin thoroughly and prevent the production of melanin. The ingredients present in melanostop peel have the depigmenting and antioxidant effects (Antioxidants are substances that prevent diseases and early aging).

The unique ingredients also help in renewing the skin and increase its thickness.

Melanostop peel is a quick procedure with minimal flaking. There is no downtime/ long observation period before or after the procedure. With other chemical peels, after a few minutes of application, you see obvious flaking. However, with melanostop peel, you experience minimum flaking.

At Kiara Lifestyle clinic, we take the utmost care that we provide the most suitable treatment for you. We analyse your skin and then advise the most suitable treatment. We examine your skin post-treatment too and give instructions that help you make the treatment most effective.

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