Party peel to keep you glowing at the party!

As the name suggests party peel is useful for part, wedding, social gathering or any important occasion. Party peels are usually used one day to a few days before the party. Party peels are also known as glow peels. They use different types of ingredients in different concentrations than the other peels.

Party peel contains 6 types of potent active ingredients and hence are highly beneficial.


  1. They remove the dead skin cells, resurface the dead cells to give you smooth and bright skin.
  2. They use a combination of plant acids and fruit enzymes to give you mind-blowing benefits.
  3. They also have low downtime which makes it suitable for parties. Downtime refers to the total time it takes for the peel.
  4.  Besides, there is no redness or flaking like other peels.
  5. Party peels are also faster acting and safer.
  6. Party peels cause a superficial exfoliation removing tan and dead cells. They leave behind a soft, glowing, and supple skin.


Remember to avoid harsh soaps, bleaching, waxing, and direct sun exposure. If at all you need to go in the sunlight, remember to wear sunscreen.

As they are superficial, the brightness and freshness last for about 5 days to 2 weeks. Other chemical peels that have a longer downtime also last longer.

You need to first assess if it suits your skin type and our team of the best dermatologists in Delhi, Mohan Nagar can assess and evaluate your skin and suggest the best treatment for you. So, Meet us at the Kiara Lifestyle clinic today to know your skin type and the best treatment that suits your needs.