A revision hair transplant is all about refurbishing since the procedure is performed to enhance the appearance or correct mistakes which may have occurred in the previous hair transplant done otherwise.

Why revision hair transplant ?

A surgeon focuses on transplanting the healthiest and strongest hair grafts to achieve permanent results, however there are cases where a patient may lose their hair in less than 3 years of the surgery accounting to the genetic reasons or improper care. All these cases irrefutably require a revision.

Before beginning a revision hair transplant, our team of the best hair surgeons at Kiara will identify the mistakes which occurred previously and fully examine the scalp.

There are several cases of a revision hair transplant in our country accounting to various factors:

Unnatural results

  • There are a few patients who may have to suffer at the cost of their surgeons. Picking a competent surgeon and a reputed clinic will plummet the chances of a revision because experts such as at KIARA have better skills and are highly experienced in this field
  • Cases where the surgeon lacked the aesthetic and artsy skills, renders the patients to suffer profusely. Poor micro-punching and over extraction is a common mistake which leads to formation of a plastic doll-like scalps making it look extremely artificial.

Lack of information

  • A hair transplant is performed after a proper examination of the scalp and when one qualifies for the surgery. We at Kiara take this very seriously and after examining we suggest a treatment.
    Some patients are duped into getting a hair surgery. Whereas, they should have waited a little longer for the hair loss to fully develop.
  • A patient under the age of 23 is not advised to have a hair transplant surgery

It is ethical for a surgeon to brief the patient about the ostensible results of a hair transplant surgery. We at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic, do our best to discuss everything with our patients

How to prevent a revision hair transplant?

  • Make a detailed research before a hair transplant and find a competent surgeon who is well experienced and qualified like we have at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic.
  • Discussing with the surgeon is extremely important. inform them about the hair progress
  • After hair-transplant, avoid smoking and over-consumption of alcohol
  • Follow the doctor’s advice