Satin or Silk? which is better for you!

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Some ideas are existential luxury, like sleeping in a silk night wear or on a satin pillow case. While the idea of waking up in the sumptuous fabric with a scrumptious smoothie shake ready by your side does sound ideal, however one needs to be aware of how beneficial or menacing espousing these fabrics in the daily lifestyle can be. With this article, we the team of Kiara with the inputs of the best dermatologist in Delhi Dr. Kriti Jain, known for being a skin expert and profound knowledge would like to shed some light on how beneficial these fabrics, silk or satin actually are and which among these are better.

Both silk and satin support healthy hair and skin as you sleep. Either of the materials are going to amplify your beauty game more than the traditional bedding materials. Because while the other materials may strip your skin of natural, important oils, these sumptuous fabrics provide a smoother sleep surface. Skin and hair gently glide across as you doze off, plummeting friction, leaving your hair and skin hydrated. This is highly important to reduce hair breakage, signs of aging such as wrinkles as well as dull and dry skin.

However, there are certain traits of satin that we at Kiara team as skin experts, prefer satin over silk. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Satin contains very low absorbency, and helps to conserve the moisture balance in the skin and hair. Satin also won’t steal the applied night creams or other skin care regimens. Whereas, cotton and Silk are highly absorbent, which can make skin and bereft of the essential natural oils.
  • For those who prefer sleeping on a cool surface, satin is a much better choice as Satin feels cool to touch, whereas silk begins warming up with body heat.
  • Satin is much more sustainable as well as easy to launder and will look enthralling for years. Silk has thin and delicate fibers which usually require hand washing and air drying, and will deteriorate over time.
  • Satin is also more affordable than silk.
  • According to the PETA website, approximately 3,000 silk worms die to make 1 pound of silk. Satin is a better animal friendly fabric.

We at the Kiara certainly hope this was helpful to you all and do let us know if you’re going to shift to espousing satin or silk in the future.

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