The treatment of skin tightening is quite distinct, which refreshes the facial skin. The tightening of the loosened skin can radically enhance the appearance of the skin. It is used to tighten up the overall face texture and eliminate wrinkles to make one’s skin smooth and reduce signs of ageing.  Coming to the procedure, there are some crucial steps which are performed at our clinic. Based on your physical characteristics and goals, our experienced trainer will share recommendations and will provide all the information to you.

  • It includes 3 nonsurgical methods that include ultrasound treatment, radiofrequency treatment and intense pulse light treatment. Once the skin quality is evaluated, our trainer will help to select the best method that will suit your skin type.
  • Before the beginning of the procedure, we will thoroughly cleanse your face so that it has its maximum effects on your skin. Some people do tend to have sensitive skin they may feel a slightly heated sensation at the time of treatment.


  • It helps to tighten the skin ranging from mild to moderate on the face, body and neck without any scars or surgery.
  • Without any need for downtime, all of the techniques produce a large lifting effect.
  • It hardly takes an hour to complete the entire procedure and the resulted effect lasts till 1 year.
  • With our highly qualified team at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic, you will experience no adverse effects.