A thread lift is a short method that highly concentrates on tightening the signs of ageing at the lower part of the face and embroils subcutaneous placement of PDO threads which are stretched to achieve An enthralling natural looking skin lift effect. However, it can address cheek and eyebrow sagging, it also focuses on midface, neck and jaw region.  We at Kiara Lifestyle Clinic, have a team of the best dermatologists in Delhi, Mohan Nagar with advance technology and technique:


Before the beginning of a thread lift, we give local anaesthesia at the point of insertion to our patients in the areas where thread lifting is to be performed such as face, neck or jaw.

  • Our qualified dermatologist then exerts a pre-threaded needle into the subdermal level of the tissues.
  • The needle is inserted in a diagonal direction into the region which is to be lifted. After the first needle, the second needle is immediately inserted above the 1 cm of the existing needle. The purpose of this each needle is to inject the bi-directional threads into the targeted surface.
  • The needle is then withdrawn to create a surface tilt which results in gathering of the tissue unless the desired result is obtained.


  • Thread lifts enable a more defined facial contour.
  • It is one of the effective and quick solutions to a varied range of ageing problems.
  •  It makes and rejuvenates the skin so that it can look more firm and rested.
  • This procedure gives a youthful look without having general anaesthesia.
  • It is one of the inexpensive methods for a full facelift.