V-Tightening, also known as the v-plasty is a procedure that aims toward tightening up a private area. This crucial women’s body organ might have turned loose due to many reasons out of which some of them includes:

  • Childbirth
  • Hormonal changes
  • Aging

Dr. Kriti Jain, a renowned dermatologist in Delhi, Azad Nagar claims that v-tightening is crucial when there is laxity. Women’s through v-tightening can gain back their lost confidence and self-esteem. But it’s recommended to consult an expert dermatologist before heading towards the treatment. In fact, some surgeons claim that v-plasty can also turn responsible for improving the sensitivity of the private area.

So if you’re also looking for a v-tightening treatment, but are not sure about the procedure, we suggest you to meet our expert Dr. Kriti Jain who’s a renowned dermatologist practicing in Delhi, Azad Nagar at Kiara Lifestyle clinic. We at ‘Kiara Clinic’ assures to offer the best possible treatment, understanding the need situation and requirement of our patient.

If you have a mild laxity, you can correct them with specific exercises such as Kegel exercises. They help in tightening the private area muscles. If you meet us in the initial stages, we can help you correct with just exercise without needing extensive procedures. Don’t wait for things to get worse!

If exercises won’t help you, Laser therapy is helpful.

Sometimes the private area tissues could be so loose that even a tampon might fall. In such cases, it leads to sexual dysfunction. For severe laxity, you will need surgery.

V-Plasty Surgery Procedure:

Many dermatologists go with local anesthesia which is absolutely fine and acceptable. However, other dermatologists prefer general anesthesia that keeps a patient unconscious for a time being till the time the surgery is completed.

During the surgery, we bring the separated private area muscles together and remove the extra skin from the back of the private area. Then, we seal the outside skin/ mucous membrane.

We at Kiara Clinic constantly upgrade ourselves on the current advances so that we can give you the best!