What you need to know before choosing a hair transplant surgeon

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You might have seen hundreds of articles and blogs and have been suggested by many about how to choose the best hair transplant surgeon. We will be discussing the step by step process which is also followed in Kiara Lifestyle Clinic to make you understand how to choose the best surgeon for your hair transplantation.

Surgeons experience and expertise:

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The hair transplant procedure is carried out by a group of professionals, but the main procedure is performed by a surgeon who extracts the donor and plants them on the receiver site with accuracy.

A few things to keep in mind while choosing the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi are mentioned below:

The most important thing is that a surgeon should be a well-qualified medical practitioner as well as an expert. 

The surgeon must have the experience to handle transplantation procedures regularly. 

Surgeons must be thoroughly skilled and trained in several aspects of hair transplant techniques. Also can perform difficult grafting procedures too. 

The expertise of the surgeon should be the principal element you should consider while choosing a surgeon


Planning is again an important part of your hair transplant treatment. Especially when you want natural-looking results. As per the requirement of your restoration, your hair transplant surgeon will talk about your surgical plan. 

Make sure your plan includes the below-mentioned points to get the most affordable hair transplant treatment:  

  • How many grafts do you need?

  • Where will the surgeon implant the grafts? 

  • What results to expect? 

  • How long will the surgery take? 

And no doubt your surgeon will ask some of the other factors you questions about your health and medical history. You must provide information like the names and doses of all medications you take. These details also play a major role in your treatment process.

Which technique is best?

There are two types of techniques used in hair transplantation one is FUT (Follicular Unit Restoration) and another one is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

Both the procedures show the best results. Choosing any of these is only dependable on your need and requirement. However, FUE is a comparatively more advanced procedure and on the other hand, FUT is kind of more cost-effective. The care after the surgery is different for both treatments. Also, there is no need to worry about post-care, your surgeon will guide you throughout your post-care. 

Facilities in clinic:

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One can consider the below pointer to find the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi:

The clinic must be well equipped with the latest technologies that aid successful transplantation. 

The clinic must have a wide range of options used in hair transplantation surgeries. This will help the patient to choose the right option which they think is best as per the suggestion of the surgeon as well. 

The clinic should have pre and post-surgery care for their patients.

The clinic must be well ventilated and must be following the pandemic protocols and guidelines as per ICMR guidelines.

Before-after pictures:

Before and after pictures it is very important to find the difference. As the changes can be appreciated and observed through the pictures of pre and post hair transplantation that act as a progress report card. 

And an extra tip for you: While choosing the clinic or surgeon, you must review before and after pictures which will build your trust towards your surgeon and the clinic.
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Post care and follow-ups:

If you are looking for the best Hair transplant surgeon around Delhi and NCR or want to discuss any kind of queries with the best hair transplant surgeon ask Dr. Kriti Jain who has more than 10 years of experience.

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Or mail us at our email – kiaralifestyleclinic@gmail.com

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