Yellow peel is known to give you a “Goddess-Golden” glow. From fighting acnes to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, this aggressive peel is absolute magic. Within a few hours of application, oxygen supply of the skin accelerates further amplifying microcirculation with additional nourishing supplements developing in the skin along with increased capacity of retaining water in the skin due to increased level of glycosaminoglycans.


We at Kiara lifestyle clinic have a team of the best skin specialists in Delhi, Shahdara who analyse your skin and determine which peel and technique is the best for you.

Here Is A General Description Of The Procedure:

  1. At first, your face is cleansed thoroughly with a pre cleanser containing an acute quantity of glycolic acid. For best results, we let it sit on your face for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Your face is then applied a superficial peel containing alpha and beta complex gel for a few minutes.
  3.  The peel is then applied to the skin after cleaning, and is allowed to absorb by the skin for 20-30 minutes and is then cleaned. We repeat the application and layering till the desired result is achieved.
  4. After washing off the last layer, the skin is nourished with a moisturizer containing petroleum jelly.At the Kiara lifestyle clinic, we believe our job is not fettered to applying the peel, we take special care to ensure you get the best results. We also follow it up for long-lasting results and a happy you. Meet our expert dermatologist Dr. Kriti Jain today for flawless skin that makes you fall in love with yourself.


  1. Instant firmness and tightening of skin making it look younger and supple.
  2. Fights wrinkles and signs of aging
  3. Removes discolouration and hyperpigmentation
  4. Improves skin texture
  5. Instant glowing and scintillating skin
  6. Fights acnes